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  • Which is fine until you get admins with a despotic zeal who kick people out for the most inane reasons.

  • Like WhatsApp again, which doesn’t mean everyone else agree to someone getting kicked out for inane reason

  • Aren't we talking about private message chat? If people want to be little Hitlers in private chat, best place for it. Who loses if they were invited to a private group chat and the person who invited them turns out to be an asshole and kicks them out again?

    "I demand the right to stay in this private chat with the horrible cunt who invited me!" said no reasonable person ever. On the other hand

    "I demand to stay in this chat where I've been an asshole and they want me gone" said lots of cunts.

    There's a practical argument against it because of the amount of work involved in adding the function, but I don't see the political argument.


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