• Finally got an eye test and, as I suspected, my vision is a little bit shitty for stuff further away.

    Are there any sunglasses (and I guess I'll need normal clear lenses too) that will work when I'm in a TT tuck? ie. really tall prescription sunglasses lenses. I've used Smith Optics V90 Max in the past which have large lenses and no frame that work when you're tucked and basically staring through your eyelids.

    but they're not available and not prescription.

  • I have finally received my prescription POC Require sunglasses, probs not aero but hipster dreamboat Alex Howes races in them, so they must be good…right?
    I got the reacto-light (or whatever that’s called these days) and polarised. I wouldn’t recommend polarised because certain things give off a kinda acid flashback rainbow trail to some people (like me).

    I used a company called Eyekit. The glasses are brilliant exactly what I ordered, but…The lead time was given as 3 weeks. I was happy really for double that in the current climate. It took 4 months after multiple emails that culminated in me cancelling the order and asking for the money back. Mysteriously the glasses arrived next day.

    So the answer is maybe not Eyekit.

    And yeah contacts suck


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