• I know this is kind of the opposite of WFH but people here seem to have good equipment suggestions...

    I'm going back in the building in a couple of weeks. This will involve speaking to 80ish people in a room instead of on zoom. I used to do this all the time, but now I want to be able to record the presentation (like I've got used to on zoom).

    I won't be standing behind a laptop all the time though, I tend to move about a bit. I don't need video of me. I'm thinking audio plus recording the screen or presentation. Ideally both at the same time so I don't have to try and put them together.

    The audio I get from the mic on some cheap earphones is totally fine, but the lead isn't very long and I'd be concerned about it rustling as a I move, so I'm thinking of a bluetooth lapel mic. Does anyone do this kind of thing?

    Can you recommend me a cheap wireless lapel mic? Or some other solution? Would a lapel mic be better than just sitting a webcam on the lectern and pointing it in my general direction? (There's usually a fair amount of background noise). Is it a problem to have a near mic pick up voice while projecting into a room unamplified?

    What software do you use for recording? Powerpoint (which I use for presenting) does record audio and timed presentations, but it's done slide by slide and I can see there being issues with audio gaps over transitions etc. Win10 comes with some xbox recording software but I find it a little hard to navigate (atm can't work out how to record desktop instead of a single app window).

  • Not exactly what you're asking, but I've got a little zoom h1n audio recorder that would do an excellent job of recording you/the room. You'd be welcome to borrow it if you wanted to try that out as an option. I think i picked it up for £30 on FB marketplace recently...

  • wow that looks wild. I'd have to put the audio and the presentation together later though, right?


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