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  • 35 km ride on the Marin today, the B17 definitely needs to be broken in, but it's already better than the C15 was.

    The downtube shifter is ridiculously good in terms of performance, I don't recall ever having such swift gear changes. However, from an ergonomics standpoint... Well, I expected them to be fiddly and they are. I'll get some R2000 Claris STIs next year I guess, but I don't have to switch gears too much so it stays this way for now.

    Changing jockey wheels has helped a ton, the drivetrain is now extremely smooth and quiet. 1x8 is more than adequate for the time being. The fit is really good too, very comfy, I really dig the Gravel100 bars.

    Moving closer to work soon, which means I might commute when the weather's good, 22 km one way. Mudguards needed. But then with that I guess I'll go with narrower tyres. 32C Gravelkings maybe? Or might go with something that's even more tarmac-oriented. Lots of rambling. Minerva pics tomorrow.


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