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  • Fair dos. Have printed a ton of decks over the years with iFive and Jart, but they have a minimum order. Worth going to see Danny at 50-50 as he rode for Powell and their blank Mini Logo decks are alright, probably Chinese maple/made. Lovenskate in London screen their own boards, so worth a shout if they’ll do you a blank. Also Blast Skates.

  • I think the mini logo decks are made by Skate 1, so are US made. I did look at Route One Mini Logo blanks but I read somewhere they’re not made by Skate 1. Couldn’t find out where.

    I think Fracture do blanks and the boards are the same as Jart - how were the Jart ones you did?

  • Better than the Fracture ones, but they will most likely have a huge backlog of orders too. Last lot we ordered were 6+ months lead-in time. I’d avoid Route One like the plague, but then I am not a kite/rollerblade/scooter user (and know how their business works..) so your opinion may vary.


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