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  • At the lights under the bridge at Shepherd's Bush tube. Wound me up seeing cops there giving tickets to commuting cyclists, having just had numerous typical incidents people in cars not indicating, speeding and a clear red light jump moments before along Uxbridge road.

  • I'm at peace with this.

    Police often do targeted crackdowns. For each day they are picking on cyclists they will, hopefully, be doing 50+ days targeting cars and letting cyclists flouting the law go by untouched. Similarly they'll do days when they are specifically targeting HGVs and ignoring cyclists and cars, etc.

    Take the macro view rather than being enraged at a specific micro viewpoint.

  • this is smart.

  • Agree, and I usually don't have a problem with it, it's just that it was on Uxbridge Road which is from what I see every single day so lawless. And now that I have calmed down from having been nearly taken out a number of times in a very short distance, I'm sure there are issues with peds coming out the tube station and crossing into the path of red light jumpers at that spot.


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