• Autumn is approaching and with it a return to bike projects and fiddling. I've signed up for a couple of local cross races, which I'll use the Tricross for. That'll mean stripping off the dynamo stuff and swapping tyres, so while I'm at it I'm going to strip and respray the frame as the current dark blue is drab and boring.

    Post racing it'll get the slick GravelKings, guards and dyno lights back ready for winter road riding. As well as fresh pads, cables and chain while I'm at it, plus replacing the loose ball Specialized Mindset with sealed cartridge bearings, a low stack top cover to replace the conical one and a longer stem. I've got some stick on Di2 cable guides to tidy up the dyno wiring too.

    I've picked up a couple of cans of Shock Pink Montana Gold and some clear lacquer. Got as far as stripping it down and getting the colour on the fork this morning, it's not going to be drab now!

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