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  • How do you think they should be implemented? This is the third stage of consultation on this scheme I think. I'm not sure how else they could be implemented.

    My mistake, I assumed they were doing them like in other boroughs. Still, it doesn't sound as if it's been a successful process so far. The current proposals are just terrible.

    These need to come up from the streets. There need to be engagement exercises, local knowledge fed in, and proposals refined before anything goes out to consultation.

  • I'd say all of that has happened. As well as various online presentations and Q&As, including breakout groups with residents, Sustrans, councillors and council engineers, there's also been the Commonplace maps with hundreds of comments https://tottenhambrucegroveltn.commonpla­ which have driven the next stage (for instance the area to the west of Downhills Way/Belmont Road was only added into the LTN after feedback from the consultations).


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