• Thanks, that's where I'm at with it too - doesn't appear to be a fix.

    Had a response from Wahoo, from which I gather this is a known issue. For the benefit of others this is their recommended fix:

    "*Thanks for getting in touch.
    At this time I don't have a concrete timeline I can quote for the release of the fix, but I can assure you that we plan on including it in an update soon.
    In the meanwhile, I've linked your ticket to our developer ticket, which helps us track those who are being impacted by this issue.
    In case you encounter this again before our fix is released, you can resolve the issue with the following workaround:

    • Stop rolling and save the ride recording
    • Reboot the ROAM
    • Page over to the MAPS screen, and wait until the "Acquiring GPS" message disappears
    • Load your route again
    • Press start, then start moving*"
  • Thanks, that's where I'm at with it too - doesn't appear to be a fix.

    I had the same issue when trying to use a ROAM for audaxing. After around 270km the device stops having a gps signal and looses speed readings. I got the same email back from wahoo. Meanwhile my friend with a BOLT had no such issue.

    I loved the ROAM for the colour screen and larger real-estate, but a bit disappointed with the reliability after I'd been singing Wahoo's praises previously for reliability.

  • If it happens again I will try the stop-save-reboot procedure. Interested to know if it works (an easy fix if so, even if a bit annoying). Apart from this one issue I've been nothing but impressed with my roam, Vs the Garmin I had previously.


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