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  • Spent a happy afternoon NOT fishing for carp on the syndicate lake in a swim noted for not holding carp, no prizes for guessing what happened. I was sitting contentedly catching roach, rudd and perch to a pound at the huge range of one rod length when the carp turned up. Two casts and two hook links in 5 minutes, you have bugger all chance of stopping a double on a 2 pound point.... The two helicopter rigged maggot feeder rods with 5lb links (for tench and bream) then sprang into action, one with a sodding great eel, the other with an unstoppable carp. Finally I managed to land this scraper double common (note woefully inadequate net). Needless to say, I will return with the same tactics but with 12lb mainline, 2 1/2 tc rods and 10lb fluorocarbon hooklinks. I will probably blank.

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  • Sounds like a right challenge but well done for actually getting one in the net. Bet it was exciting work on the light gear.

  • Don't you just hate it when that happens. Couple months ago I had to spend about 45 mins battling a nutty 20lb mirror which took double caster on 6lb bottom and 1.25 ledger rod. It took a good few big runs into the middle of the lake (which can get very deep) and weeded me a few times, every time I thought I'd lose it but somehow it stayed on and just about fitted in the net. Kinda ruined my tench fishing but what a buzz! Will try and find the pic