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    I've seen speculation on-line about what happened and exactly where (someone on Reddit citing people on Tw*tter), but it's best to ignore this until confirmed in more credible press reports.

    Disconcertingly, once again a large goods vehicle was involved, and I think (as I commented on the crash in Holborn that took Marta Krawiec's life) it is becoming ever more urgent to ask questions about what's happened to the requirement to fit lorries with direct-vision features. Again, you can rebuild all the infrastructure in the world, but it's quicker, cheaper, and easier to address the lorry fleet. Obviously, antiquated highway engineering should be replaced, but let's address the lorries whose drivers cause such crashes first.

    RIP as yet unknown victim.

  • Very sad news. Thoughts go to family n friends.
    Don't think there's much more can be done with lorry design, mine has 6 mirrors and front facing 'radar', what needs to change is the mindset of the driver, quite honestly I wouldn't employ 25% of the guys I work with if I was in charge.