• Have you noticed any difference when using the ptfe tape? In my experience, there's always some movement of pads on pistons anyway, so completely fixing the centrelock doesn't make a huge difference.

  • On my current back wheel I took the play out completely and the front now has minimal rocking after bedding the tape in for a good few commutes so a significant improvement over what was originally there.

    I regard anything like your epoxy or the tape as a good idea to help protect the hub splines. Over a filthy winter of commuting That movement will gradually pump water, salt and dirt in via capillary action and start eating away at the splines.
    For my usage I get no benefit from centrelocks and almost regret getting these wheels specced as such.

    Maybe for Weekend off-road use with cleaning after each ride and there is no problem, but I'm not going to be doing that on a daily bike alas

    Ah thank you for that Hope information!
    I guess I'll be looking at something from Shimano...

  • Hopes current lead times, but that's ordering from them or a stockist who has to get them in for you, if you can find what you want in stock somewhere then all good.


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