• I loathe the play in some centrelock combinations.

    I like your epoxy Idea!

    I've been using layers of ptfe plumbers tape around the hub splines to take play out.
    It gradually comes back as the tape compresses though, but easy enough to replace the tape when cleaning rotors

  • Have you noticed any difference when using the ptfe tape? In my experience, there's always some movement of pads on pistons anyway, so completely fixing the centrelock doesn't make a huge difference.

  • On my current back wheel I took the play out completely and the front now has minimal rocking after bedding the tape in for a good few commutes so a significant improvement over what was originally there.

    I regard anything like your epoxy or the tape as a good idea to help protect the hub splines. Over a filthy winter of commuting That movement will gradually pump water, salt and dirt in via capillary action and start eating away at the splines.
    For my usage I get no benefit from centrelocks and almost regret getting these wheels specced as such.

    Maybe for Weekend off-road use with cleaning after each ride and there is no problem, but I'm not going to be doing that on a daily bike alas

    Ah thank you for that Hope information!
    I guess I'll be looking at something from Shimano...


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