• I've got a vivoactive 3 music and it's perfectly fine for all that stuff I think. I've no idea practically whether the swimming tracking works as I don't swim enough to bother with it. Only side issue is battery life, I reckon I get 4-5 days out of it but I have alerts and stuff on which lowers it a bit.

  • Thanks. I've done more research now, found a bit of extra budget and honed in on the Vivoactive 4s. Will mean a small hit on battery life compared to the full size version but I can definitely live with a week of theoretical battery life (good to hear your real world figures, when I said a week I was thinking spec wise not IRL).

    Partly because I have small wrists and hadn't thought about bezel size - the full size 3 would look a bit daft on me - partly because DC Rainmaker reckons it was quite a step forward, and partly because you can actually buy it in black for a reasonable price at the moment, unlike the 3.

    I'd sort of forgotten that I used to have a Garmin Swim which I was happy with but it leaked water so I took it back for a refund. Garmin's swim tracking all in seems pretty good and there are loads of other things the 4s can do which I might use too.


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