• Had a reasonably major spinal op just under a week ago and I'm planning a lot of walking as part of my rehab. I'd like to be able to count steps and measure distance reasonably accurately and ideally also record where I've been.

    A quick Google suggested that for my c. £100 ideally budget the Fitbit Charge 4 would be a good option but further googling suggests I shouldn't buy a Fitbit because they're shit.

    Garmins seem to be better options - I've been looking at the Garmin Vivoactive 3 which is about the top of what I'd want to spend (£140). Really want:

    • Reasonably accurate distance and step counting
    • Reasonable battery life (at least a week or say 5/6 hours with GPS on)
    • Swimming tracking (indoors)
    • Not fugly

    Ideally would also have pay, notifications, connect to phone reliably blah blah blah. Basically on paper the Charge 4 would be ideal but user reviews suggest they're rubbish.

    Confused by all the options and don't really have the energy at the moment to research for hours either - halp?

  • I had a £100+ Vivo thingie and it died after 6 months. I started using MiBand at around £25.

    Bear in mind I only use them to get me to get up and move around so I don't die from a blood clot rather than giving any shits about step counting.


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