• This looks a great bike and deal but why does anyone paint titanium? Especially black

  • Well it has a funny story. The orginal owner painted it lime green, before he realised drop bars would not work for him. Why green something to do with Kawasaki's, I think. I remember asking him and then crying at the answer lol.

    The second owner had it black from the green. I think because they stripped the green and the finish wasn't great so painted it black. It was done at his work's workshop.

    Sigh, I know right. He sold the bike because after a bike fit, it was recommended he get a 56cm tt. I bought it because it just fit (with a smaller stem), had that huge head tube, is Ti, rides awesome and takes fat tires. At that time, fat wheels were just coming into fashion and gravel bikes were not so mainstream.

    It was my commuter and keeping it black made it look like a steel bike so less chance of getting nicked although it never was locked outside. So I never had it back to Ti. I could have for around £100 (that place near Surrey) but there seemed to be better things to spend the money on.

    I would have to dig the orginal ad out to prove the Burls aspect as the bike is a good few years old and has been in storage for the last 18 months.

    It does look better in RL, but wanted everyone to see the bits that are, hmmm used.

    Maybe I should just shove on a motor.