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  • Finally got my frame back from esp.
    I hadn’t actually asked how much it was going to be. If just assumed £50 to £65 going by what was said here.

    It cost £90. The chap took a long pause when I asked what I owed. It seemed like he’d made the price up to be honest.

    But I went with a metallic candy apple Red rather than one of the plain solid colours. I’m guessing these fancy paints make up the difference in price. I couldn’t be bother to argue it as it’s came out looking really nice.

    There’s always a but though…
    When I got home I noticed a spot round the top of the head tube isn’t great. Then there’s a couple of bits where excess paint has run and pooled up leaving a sort of solid blob.
    Hardly a massive issue but for £90 it’s not the best overall work.

    But I do really like the colour. Was worried that it would be too bright but as soon as I seen it I was pleased.