• I'm well skint and the garage is a state. I'm in Bristol - prices exclude postage.

    Here is some stuff:

    1. Easton EC70X V Brake Forks, unpainted. Never been fitted. £65.
    2. Specialized Tricross (?) V Brake Forks. Well used, short steerer. £15 or a tenner collected.
    3. Planet X disc forks. Seem good, long af steerer. £30. Now £25
    4. Dura Ace 7800 175mm cranks. Well used, heel rub galore and has a 48t stronglight outer ring. I will also include the DA outer which is in questionable condition. £50. Now £45
    5. Shimano 105 octalink cranks 172.5mm (iirc) - never used these but they seem fine. Will work with DA bottom brackets below. £20.
    6. Dura Ace 7700 octalink bottom bracket, italian thread 109.5mm. Bearings are okay, not super smooth. £20. SOLD
    7. Dura Ace 7700 octalink bottom bracket, english thread 118.5mm, smooth bearings. £25. SOLD
    8. Bombtrack crankset from a Bombtrack Arise SS. I used these for quite a while and they seemed solid - takes a standard 24mm BB. 1/8th chainring, 130mm BCD. £40.
    9. Shimano 105 9 speed shifters. Well used, cool patina on the levers (in my opinion) and work real smooth. Externally routed gear cables. £45
    10. Sram Force 10 speed rear derailleur, short cage. Looks straight but the jockey wheels are a bit fucked. £15
    11. Sram Force 10 speed front derailleur. It is what it is - will check clamp size. £15
    12. Sram Force 10 speed cassette - not sure on the range. Will check if anyone is interested - looks to be in decent condition. £20. Note: will do the front and rear Force derailleurs and cassette for £40 plus post.
    13. ITM Italmanubri 140mm steel stem. This is really great but I'm not that flexible. Slight stress mark to the underside of the stem. Still seems fine. £25.
    14. ITM Italamanubri handlebars 26mm clamp 420mm width (iirc), logos polished off. Didn't like the shape. £15.
    15. Deda Speciale 26mm clamp 420mm width (iirc), bit ratty but look okay. Never used these in the end. £15.
    16. Shimano XT brakeset - pretty much new, silver. They are the newer style shimano v's and come boxed. Didn't take a photo of them out of the box for some reason. £40 the pair. SOLD

    I have tried to price this stuff for a quick sale but let me know if I am off the mark with any of it. Obviously, I realise these photos are proper shite. If anyone wants better photos of something specific, let me know.


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