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  • DVDM is going to get carded

    Yup. Plus he couldn’t catch and barely carried. Poor game. Lions didn’t take advantage of the penalty count in the first half. And blew it in the second. Mostert a proper nuisance. Midfield was all green. Subs timing excellent from them. Bigger win than the scoreboard.

    Could it have been different with some decisions the other way? Sure. But we won’t know.

    Rassie seems to have won the psychological game for the tiny margins. I don’t buy that it was anything else than trying to gain any little advantage he could (behind a very thin ‘level playing field’ smokescreen). The anything to win mentality seems to have worked or at the worst done him no harm. He knows nobody puts an asterisk in the history books saying this is the one where the coa- I mean DOR ripped into the officials in a public rant. But at what price for the game in general? Not looking forward to Cheika, Eddie et al setting up YouTube channels... (f*ck me - can you imagine an hour+ each of those pair every week)

  • The 'Bomb Squad' had an impact this week, Loed made a tremendous difference. If PSDT is out then I won't be surprised if they continue with Mostert at flank. Sadly I don't think Duane is going to be fit, although if he was that would probably clinch the series.

    I reckon Kolbe, Itoje and Hogg could all have a trip to the citing commissioner this week.

    I think the series hinges on whether Gatland is brave enough to let the Lions play some rugby. I've never understood the NH obsession that you have to match the SA physicality to beat them, that method fails far more often than it succeeds. Having watched pretty much every SA test in the last 20 years they hate playing against high tempo fast and loose teams. Australia have often caused them issues and NZ have ripped them to shreds on occasion. A Lions team with Smith, Simmonds et al would be far more dangerous for the Boks.

    Re Rassie, the video was definitely a bit far but it did exactly what he wanted, took focus off the team, gave them a siege mentality and a sense of injustice. People also still fail to appreciate he's not the actual head coach anymore. Jacques comes across very shy and quiet and I imagine hates doing the press. Rassie took the pressure off him and allowed him an uninterrupted week on the training pitch. All the refs I've heard comment on the video say that they're common place the only new thing is that it was made public. Is that such a bad thing?

  • the only new thing is that it was made public. Is that such a bad thing?

    Having something like that public, rather than going through the proper channels, heaps on the pressure far more and he knew the media furore he’d spark with it (as well as the unwavering support he’d get from SA media, which would be hard for the officials to avoid). So yes. Plus this one was very personal. It’s overt intimidation.

    I feel sorry for the Lions water boy who now has to do his in French also...