• Hi,

    Will be moving soon and packing the house up has shown me that maybe I have a slight problem with buying bags...

    Chrome Citizen Messenger

    This is the bag I've used the most and although a bit tatty still has tons of life left. Buckle, closures and straps all good. These are classic and pretty durable.

    Price: £20 SOLD

    Chrome Soma Sling Bag

    15L I think. Not sure why I bought it but I did. Haven't had this one too long so very little sign of wear.

    Price: SOLD £25

    T-Level Challenger 32L

    Found this in the loft and don't recall using it much. Could do with a bit of a clean. I think it had a waist strap once but that is long gone. Everything else is fine.

    Price: SOLD £35 (as no waist strap)

    SealLine Urban Backpack (small)

    Waterproof, 17L. Has marks from use and slightly dusty from storage but is still in a very usable condition if you don't mind that. It's this one: https://road.cc/content/review/85616-sea­lline-urban-backpack-small

    Price: SOLD £30

    As mentioned I'm in the midst of moving so collection only from N7 at the moment. I don't live far from a tube station and can be flexible with timings as I'm WFH.

    Send me a PM if interested please. Cheers.