• Looking for campsite ideas (or even quirky b&b/hostels).


    1. 1-2 night trips
    2. Train from London. Bike > train > bike to get around or even just public transport.
    3. Walking distance to a great pub.
    4. Short distance to the sea (optional) or other great walks.
    5. Simple campsite, a field will do.
    6. A little off the beaten track.

    I'll start with the Square and Compass, Worth Matravers.
    South Western Train to Bournemouth, cycle along the sea front, cross on the chain ferry and cycle on to Worth Matravers.
    Camping at Weston dairy campsite (not been open since COVID) or one of the other open field campsites.
    Drinking local cider under the stars at the Square and Compass pub.
    The sea in nearly all directions. Winspit quarry, Dancing Ledge, Chapman's pool & loads more if you jump on the bike.

    Do love it, have been dropping in for nearly 15 years but want to find other places with similar characteristics for a little variety.

  • Clicked the thread to recommend the Square and Compass! Went there a couple of weeks ago on the bikepacking.com Purbeck Bimble route (v good!). Extra tip though: if you don't want to take a tent, Tom's Field campsite has a "walkers' barn" which is £14 a night, and I had the place to myself on a Friday night.

  • Clicked the thread to recommend the Square and Compass!

    It is so good, it is almost a curse :)

    I'd always been put off Tom's Field by the set pitches but had no idea about the "walkers' barn", that's a great tip!


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