• in other news.. here's a shot of the bike this is replacing. I bought on here for 20 quid if memory serves, had a great time putting it toghether and trying out some local gravelly paths, and uncovered a few key problems, namely:

    1. bottome bracket is french threaded - for noobs like me: 2x right hand threads means it is always unscrewing itself. I never managed to get the bb tight enough or loctite enough to stay.
    2. bottom bracket threads are now gonnnne. Forked over 40 something pounds for a velo orange french bb, it also unscrewed itself, and now the whole thing slides in and out over the threads.
    3. I think the rear wheel spacing is not modern - either 130mm or 126
    4. the rear canti posts appear to have some kind of proprietary nut on the back. so when I tried to replace the brakes for something trendier, I found that the bolt just spins, and I can't get anything to grab the other end.
    5. it's a racing frame apparently, so has no useful mounts other than a single bottle cage

    But it's LIGHT and without measuring anything or knowing very much I liked the geo and the details in the lugs and cable guides.

    Moral of the story: if any framebuilder types want this frame and promise to take very good care of it you can have it. Otherwise I'm going to strip it for parts and hide the frame somewhere until I feel like paying someone 20 times what it's worth to sort it out.

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