• I've just put some old bikes for sale on ebay. What an utter ballache that was. Everything has changed for the worse since I last listed anything and it is overly complicated.
    The "Or best offer" default addition that I didn't notice straight away irritated me. I had to revise every listing to remove it.
    I'm done with ebay sales.
    Is Gumtree the alternative? Or is there a better option as I do prefer an auction with a fair starting price and like to watch where it goes from there.

  • Bear in mind that ebay will email you now and then and let you know that ‘your listing can now accept offers’! So you have to edit the ads again each time.
    Ebay has indeed become a ballache. I’ve personally had zero luck trying to sell on gumtree or facebook. It’s a real shame but I think for most folk now, ebay is the defacto option for buying anything. I’ve even had stuff bid higher on ebay than it can be bought for brand new on amazon!? which tells me people just don’t look anywhere else any more….