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  • You've also got Armour custom cycles (based out of eastside bikes) in Edinburgh. They'll do wet paint in any crazy scheme you can dream up for pretty reasonable prices. Another ¬£50 more than hendersons usually but they'll do waaay more involved stuff. Andy's bad at social media ... but there's some stuff here¬≠cycles/

  • Thanks, had a look at their insta and it all looks like good work.
    I dropped the frame of at ESP in Glasgow the other day and I've to bring the fork in but I'm now having second thoughts on going with ESP. They couldn't do the colour that I wanted and I ended up settling with a bright metallic red. But the more I think about it I realise theres no point in settling for something I'm not 100% on.

    Gonna be a tad awkward but I'm gonna go down and get the frame back in the morning and get quotes from Hendersons and Armour.