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  • What kind of KMage are ppl getting out of waxed chains?

    I’m approaching 10k on my Squirted chain and the .75 checker is perhaps a month away from dropping in.

  • It’s complicated.

    I’ve done just over 6500 km on waxed chains so far … but that’s spread over four bikes (and the fixed has 3 chains). Literally zero measurable wear on any yet, but that doesn’t mean much.

    So yeah … too early to say.

  • 10k really?! Is that 11 speed?

  • that is bonkers. 2x? don't you need to change 11 speed at 0.5? my mtb seems to be at 0.5% wear after 400km on 1x11.
    On the squirt bottle instructions it says don't degrease again once applied, so have you ever cleaned it at all and how often are you adding lube? Cheers


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