• Slight change of plan with the Dolan. I wanted to build it up on the cheap using bits from the spares box, but the chainline is way out with the fixed wheel and I've not got any drop bar levers which I thought I had.

    New plan is 1x9, riser bars and the old wheels off the Tricross. Cleaned and knocked back the surface rust with wire wool/emery cloth before a couple of coats of Halfords finest clear coat. Got the stuck post out and reamed the seat tube.

    Had a nice afternoon building it up in front of the Tour. Not 100% sold on the bars, they look a bit too wide and with too much rise? Comfy to ride though. Alternative is some narrow, flat bars (maybe with bar ends), but that'll leave a big saddle - bar drop.. Happy with how it's turned out considering it's a bottom of the parts bin build, I'll keep an eye out for a black post though.

  • It does work well to be honest, nice and comfy to ride too. I've got another basket town bike already though, so could do with something a little different. Easy enough to revert back though.

    @vpCogworks feels it! Not too sure, not that light though, the wheels are definitely weighty. I'll get it on the bathroom scales at lunchtime aha