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  • @TotalShanner Here's a picture of the Genesis IO I had powder coated about two years ago. The process of colour selection was something like this:
    "What colour do you want it?"
    "A sort of green, khaki colour?"
    -geezer goes and rummages around and comes out with some object that had been powder coated
    "Like this?"
    "Yes, that's close enough."
    I wouldn't go expecting too much in terms of choice, I think their 'bread and butter' is more pedestrian powder coating jobs, you know, car parts, boxes, basic metal parts etc. You could always do the sparkle yourself with some Spraybike sparkle top coat.
    Anyway, I was pleased with it, and @M_V assembled it, so perhaps he comment about how clean the threads were etc

  • Haha!
    I was just speaking to my wife there and she's reminded me that we were driving past once(atleast ten years ago) and I stopped and went in to chat to them. I vaguely now remember it but my wife says I got back in the car and didn't seem too keen..

    Do you mind me asking how much it cost?

    Sparkly effect wise I'm not too fussed but would like to recreate the paint job on my Sutra like this.
    Doesn't look that great in the photo but quite nice in sunlight

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