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  • I think I’m going to go for a manual espresso machine next. I can’t be doing with bits breaking like this one.

    I don’t particularly like the look of the robot, plus it’s pricey.

    The rok looks great, it has the portafilter so would sit well with my grinder.

    I like the flair but only because it would sit nicely in the space where my previous machine was.

  • There are definitely some folks here much more knowledgeable about the manual, non-electric lever machines than I am. But if I was going to be buying one, top things for me to look for would be:

    • Whether thermal losses are going to be an issue when adding water to the coffee
    • Stability of the machine when pressing on the lever
    • Availability of spares (likely just gaskets really)

    Would be nice to have a standard portafilter/basket but I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't really an option due to baskets frequently being quite large to also hold water in this machines.

  • My preference is the rok. It seems like it’s been around for a long time so I’d expect parts to be available.

    Thermal losses are always going to be an issue without a heat source. But add a heat cup and portafilter you’ve covered the bases well.

    The only thing I don’t like about the robot is the arms.

    I love the lever design of the flair but it seems really fiddley


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