• I'm replacing a couple of planters on my deck that are rotten and pretty slug infested. I figure it's best to start with new soil so as not to transfer any slugs over.

    What's the best soil to use? Would some big cheap bags of potting soild from Aldi be too rich/not drain well?

    I was going to line the slatted bottom with chicken wire, with a weed barrier on top to allow drainage. Then line the sides with some pond lining polythene that I have already. The boxes are about 120x35x30cm

  • As others have said, best bet is to mix compost and manure with sand and grit. Maybe put a bit of slow release fertilizer in there too. I've recently been using a bit of carbon gold with good results.

    Edit: I often use a bit of John Innes no.3 which includes some sand.