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  • I’d love an EV but no driveway and limited charging points in SE4 is pushing me towards a plug in hybrid.
    Anyone with any knowledge on how quickly we can expect infrastructure to improve?
    Anyone have any bad tales from ghetto charging across a path etc.

  • limited charging points in SE4

    Yeah it's a bit thin on the ground round there isn't it?

    I have bought an EV specific extension cable that has high rated cable and a nifty cable break separator thing that allows it to be passed through a letter box. In combination with a rubber cable protector strip ramop thing, it allows for cross pavement charging.

    I've only done it once, as a test. Worked fine.

    The extension cable is for when I am away from home in a remote place, like an Air BnB holiday in Scotland for eg.

    The issues with cross pavement charging are a) it's bloody slow. Will take 26 hrs to fully charge my 64kwh eNiro and b) the council don't like it and c) you may be at risk if being sued if anyone hurts themselves due to your cable.

    If you have a conveniently located tree outside your property then I have seen people use one as a way if hanging the cable over the pavement. An ex neighbour did this and it looked like a very neat solution.

  • Will take 26 hrs to fully charge my 64kwh eNiro

    That’s if the other end is a standard 3 pin plug though? If you’re doing it at home you could get a 32A connector installed which will charge 3 times quicker.

    Running a cable across a pavement is still a dick move. Bonus dick points if you have a chunky plug sticking out of the car across a narrow pavement, or a loop of wire hanging from your front wall.

  • Worse than thin, I was genuinely surprised just how poor it is.

    I live on a quiet crescent so could go ghetto. In Canada they have high arms to deliver cables to keep traditional cars batteries alive when it’s very cold, seems less problematic than a floor solution.

    All this is definitely pushing me towards a plug in hybrid. Especially as we’ll only have one car and currently have a people carrier 🤦🏼♂️


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