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  • Still love my LR Model 3.

    Now done 4,675 miles since I got it in December. Averaged 285Wh/mi or 3.51M/Kwh.

    A total at home charge of 1,332Kw which has cost me roughly £239 (excluding daily standing charge) or about 5p per mile.

    That would have been 1.52 tonnes of CO2 in the Range Rover it replaced. It would have cost me at least £900 in fuel to do the same miles in the RR + nearly £500 a year in road tax. The per mile cost would be around 30p per mile.

    It prefer it to the RR in almost every way. Only things I don't like are the road noise and the windscreen wipers.

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  • You came to the big 'wade and didn't even say hello, unforgivable. Car looks very slick by the way.


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