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  • I was not aware Raleigh produced cargo bikes so thought I would share the link­-cargo-bikes/

    This fast two-wheeler will bring you to every corner of the city. It's easy to manoeuvre in heavy traffic, even with a loaded box. The cargo bike has a robust, beautifully rounded, composite box with a 350-litre capacity offering the ultimate ease of use.

    RRP: £4950

  • Just a generic with a badge on it, quite overpriced too, big trike is similar to a babboe i think, saving grace on it is the wheel build on the pair at the front is pretty decent, sapim strong on novatec.

    Ridge back stick their name on a few and they aren't bad, the two wheel long John style you'll see them all over with different names on, Ridge back spec an e8000 motor so it at least moves well, has alivio 9s on the rear which is sensible tbh.
    Most mid drive cargo would be much more wallet friendly if they ran 9s instead of 11 or 12s


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