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  • I’m not sure if you realise that writing with all caps comes across as aggressive.

    I understand your point, my point is that £7-19 is low range, £20-35 is mid range, £36-50 is high range, and above that it’s expensive and/or specialty tyres. Finding a tyre that is middle of the range in quality for bottom range price is not the norm.

    In any case, if I’m understanding correctly, the shop charged you £45 for a Schwalbe Black Jack? That’s madness.

  • Don't be touchy and sensitive. I use caps to emphasize.

    I remember the owner telling me £45 is for tyre and fitting.

    So the LBS cheat me!? If this is true, should I take legal action or any serious action against this LBS for cheating and taking advantage of me? I suspect a strong reason/one of the reasons he cheat and take advantage of me(If he is) is because he sees me as a foreigner.


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