• Are there any opinions on here about 'true wireless' earbuds? I've moved and will now be travelling in by train+bike rather than just bike, so my bone conduction headphones aren't really the right tool any more, despite them being excellent (Trekz Aeropex - thoroughly recommend).

  • It's kind of hard to recommend a TWS bud because the fit is such an important aspect of them. It's also something that is improving all the time with new buds coming out every month. The Sony WF1000XM4 are there best tws money can buy, if your budget is lower i suggest reading the excellent reviews on http://www.scarbir.com.

  • Thanks - that's confirming what I've read elsewhere that it's best to order a few and try them. I've got some Jabra Elite 85T arriving and had spotted that the WF-1000MX4 have just launched but I can't seem anywhere to buy them though, so it may end up a moot point.
    I hadn't come across scarbir - useful website.


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