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  • A quick thought whilst i'm here. I am on the hunt for the N+1 at the moment and I cant seem to work out the market just yet. Thanks to a Covid and Brexit I feel like the possibility of getting something from the UK will either be a long shot or an expensive logistical nightmare.
    Im searching on Ebay, Kleinanzeigen, Facebook Flohmarkt groups and marketplace and everything seems super expensive if you are looking for a full build compared to the UK market.
    For a Carbon (or alloy for that matter) frame road/gravel/CX bike, you will not find anything 1500EUR, the options at 2000EUR are still pretty slim.
    Not sure if its just me or I am totally looking in the wrong places - anyone else find this?

  • I think second hand bikes in Germany are generally overpriced, especially compared to the uk, and guess it's even worse right now.
    Loads of boring 10 year old bikes that were 1500 new with asking prices of 1000.
    Rennrad news and tour Magazin forum are good sometimes, but not much going on probably.
    Maybe have a look at marktplaats or whatever it's called in the Netherlands? But I never got how it works with their funny system.
    If you're up for traveling, collection only eBay auctions somewhere far away from Berlin out in the sticks felt like a good bet also.


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