• For what it's worth, I've used Paselas (in 28c) and Gravel kings (in 32c) and liked them both. I've done about 2000km on the GKs so far and not had a single puncture. I think I've been fairly lucky though.

  • Tbh I have had the opposite experience with the GKs. So many flats. Paselas for me seemed much more rugged, but I defo felt the difference in terms of rolling with the GKs feeling far more supple.

    I have now become a tyre snob and rolling with Teravail (Cannonball) and Rene Herse (Oracle Ridge). Really enjoying both of them.

  • I have read that other people have had loads of flats with them, I wonder why I've not had the same experience? As for Paselas, I used to use them when I was riding about 40 hours per week for Deliveroo and think I had 2 punctures ever.

  • Teravail … and Rene Herse

    Living it large over there in Swedee land! I’d love some Herse but jeez the prices…


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