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  • Noob question here. Why don’t you see more mudguards in races like these? Weather seems incredibly different between states and seems like the added weight is nothing compared to added comfort? Or is it because you can’t keep dry anyways?

  • Because no one races on the road with mudguards!

    (that's patently not true but there's definitely a bit of that mentality)

    The rain is quite variable so for the times I got heavily rained on there were vastly more days that I didn't see any rain so it makes no sense to me to fit mudguards (and I hate mudguards).
    If I was doing something in Scotland or Ireland where you just know you'll get more wet days than dry then sure, I'd probably seriously consider mudguards but mostly TransAm isn't wet.

    thinks back to the Kentucky storms with the flooded roads, air-raid sirens going off while police car drives up to me and asks if I'm going to be ok LOLz

  • Not fashionable / cool.

    With mudguards and a good waterproof jacket you can keep pretty dry even in a thunderstorm. But it doesn't rain that much on most races (compared to say PBP 2007 when it rained most of the way) so it doesn't become that critical.


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