• I don't like linking to the Daily Mail web-site, but it seems to be the only newspaper site that has done a write-up of this incident (at least I can't seem to find any others), and I therefore think it is worth posting.

    This was seen by a lot of T****** users owing to a short video showing what happened. In short, a driver accelerates while turning towards a cyclist who is trying to right his bike and nearly runs over the rider's leg. The driver's swerve seems clearly intentional and it has attracted much on-line condemnation. Judging from the police statement, it sounds as if officers were on the scene of the crash shortly afterwards, and as the driver's numberplate is clearly visible in the recording, there appear to be proceedings against him.


    Inevitably, there has been much speculation about what may have happened beforehand. The police here offer a description, but as if it needed saying, whatever happened is not a reason to attempt to injure someone.

    I don't expect that it'll become public what sanctions, if any, the driver will face, but if it does, please post it if you see it.