• I've got two of these Garmin Extended Battery packs with all the mounts and solar panels and stuff. One of them has had some water ingress into the charge light area and the other has some sticky residue on the outside (or the plastic is on the turn) but they both seem to work still and they go inside rubber shells and can be strapped onto aerobars/handlebars. I used them for my 24hr time trials with a Garmin 800.

    £5 ea or free if you can tell me what grand adventure you're going to use them on.


  • Garmin Extended Battery

    Taking one of them for my Italy adventure + 1 of the smallest/lighter portable speaker you have got (I suspect they aren't Bluetooth linkable, isn't it?)
    All this should be posted to Birmingham, I can cover the cost too but If you can't be bothered to post is not a problem and I'll pass :)

    Thanks hippy

  • The weirdly greasy one has been spoken for so you can have the cloudy one.
    I specifically wanted cable connections not bluetooth for better battery life so I don't actually know. I would assume they're not Bluetooth.


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