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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, please let me know if it should be moved.


    I’m looking to find one or two cycle tuktuks for 4 people (the happy couple, myself and the other witness) on the 21st August.

    I have two friends that are having a civil ceremony and the idea I have is that two of us would cycle them in cycle tuktuks as their wedding cars. Would probably be wanting them for 2-3hours to go from Camden (top of York Way) to the registry office in central and maybe back.

    I just contacted a company that hires them, but it was going to be £1k+, which is way over our budget. Realistically, as a small gift and the joke that it’s intended to be, I’d say we can probably go to about £100 as payment or a charitable donation if there’s any to be loaned.

    Any offers, leads or other information would be much appreciated, as are leads on Mariachi bands.



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