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  • Hi all,

    Now that we've had the suffering of the London league (in a day).

    It's time for the London Cup / end of league party!

    We have polled for which date is best on the whatsapp group, 19th June is the date.

    12pm start

    (There will be an LHBPA meeting at the court before the tournament at 10.30am, please attend if you want to be involved)

    Single elim / random draw every round / first to 5, no time limit games.

    £5 dues still need to be paid, for patches. Not sure i'll be able to get them sorted in time for the London cup, but i'll try!

    Beers and some hot dogs will be provided.

    Can you please also let me know if it's your 10th league this year. Proof required!

    Team list:

    Wedding party- max, matt, ali
    Team 2 : Benji, stoney, dany majard
    Los Hermanos Dolanos: Adam, Saul, Louie
    Day Drunk: woody, meal, fle
    User12746: Danny, Danielito, Matt


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