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  • An ugly scheme, but understandable. Here's the scheme page:­portschemes/ipleycrossroads

    Direct link to the drawings:­/IpleyCrossroads-TechnicalPlan.pdf

    If it didn't have a more negative impact on the forest, I think I would have sought to create a 90-degree crossroads north of the existing junction. Staggered junctions are very far from ideal. While this will obviously remove the existing risk, it will create new ones, as well as sending cyclists on an indirect dog-leg with two turns to make (I'm sure the main flow of riders is along the C63, but there are bound to be some who use the C97), but let's hope it works.

    I can't help but think that the problem at this junction will have been exacerbated by the building of the Tesco on the north-east corner of Applemore.

    I'm very far from clear as to why this should cost £450k. That seems far too much. Perhaps @Charlie_L knows more?


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