• I missed this. As others have said, it's most likely that at this stage the Bill is badly drafted and will have unintended consequences, although I'd guess any eventual Act also would. As far as I'm aware, petitions are generally a total waste of time. KT Bee's advice to talk to campaigning organisations is the best. I've been through this sort of thing a few times with other things, like proposed legislation that was a threat to cycling in London, and I saw how tireless the CTC was in fighting against proposed changes to the Highway Code. Support from MPs is also good, but unless you're lucky and they're already an expert in the subject area in question, they mostly won't really understand the issue(s) and won't be very effective unless there's something very specific they are happy to do. The relevant knowledgeable organisations are the best ones to contact and work with.

  • Thanks Oliver! Good campaigning orgs will often be writing briefing for MPs, meeting with officials and ministers and will sometimes draft amendments for MPs / Lords to propose. I suggested a couple up thread. If they’re not the right ones they may well be able to direct you to the key ones.


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