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  • i have received my wheel back, it has been "retuned" and now fits straight in the dropout.

    i'm happy to have a bike for the weekend, and am grateful it was revisited a few months after construction in the middle of bikepocolypse. what exactly was wrong may we never know, i feel similar to the ending of an xfiles episode where you think it's wrapped up but then the music starts up and the camera pans to show the exact opposite. maybe i should put on some big glasses while i type this up.

    although there was criticism of the fork, mainly in its lack of clearance and they didn't think the way the drop out was attached was "very good". almost DEFINATELY on here

  • It could be that the spokes were not stress relieved before you received the wheel and started riding it.
    Which has then caused the wheel to come out of dish when the strain was relieved during regular riding.
    That would still make it an oversight of the builder and not you.
    Most mechanics I know recommend having a fresh wheel checked after a month or 100 km, to adjust for that kind of thing.


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