• whats making me think that its not the dish, is the the first couple of photos. I can see the wheel is shifting a bit to each side on each photo but the wheel is also on a tilt to the right in both photos. so irrespective of which way round the wheel is, the wheel is sloping over. thats what makes me think the wheel is not the problem. bent forks can cause the wheel to tilt over like that, thats my rational anyways.

  • You're saying this after seeing the pics of the wheel with the stack of blocks, clearly showing its dished to one side? And the second wheel placed in the same fork sits nicely in the centre of the fork in post #19?

  • yeah, because in the first two photos it clearly is tilting to one side which would have nothing to do with the dish of the wheel, his photo doesn't show the stack of blocks - I'm assuming the blocks are sitting on the tyre and the tyre could be sitting off the rim unequally, to measure the dish of the wheel it really needs to be sat on the rim. and post 19 doesn't show the wheel from the front it shows from the top which wouldn't show the left to right tilt so clearly.

    unless I'm missing something, there isn't an explanation for the wheel to be tilting over to the right and dishing of the wheel wouldn't explain it away.

    im not disputing the dish of the wheel might be off but I reckon there is more than just that.

    plus I've have worked on lots of bikes with bent forks, and they look like this, they don't all bend in towards the frame.


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