• Ahah, thank you for clarifying, for it would not be a problem if you were!! I’m all for admitting I’ve been a muppet who’s read too many internet opinions

    I slipped another wheel in, and while it’s fair to say the drill hole is somewhat off centre, the wheel maintains a pretty central/ consistent point in the fork,

    I guess this could be a possibility of why not both?!

  • whats making me think that its not the dish, is the the first couple of photos. I can see the wheel is shifting a bit to each side on each photo but the wheel is also on a tilt to the right in both photos. so irrespective of which way round the wheel is, the wheel is sloping over. thats what makes me think the wheel is not the problem. bent forks can cause the wheel to tilt over like that, thats my rational anyways.

  • You're saying this after seeing the pics of the wheel with the stack of blocks, clearly showing its dished to one side? And the second wheel placed in the same fork sits nicely in the centre of the fork in post #19?


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