• About 7 months ago I first posted here about a possible escape route from my job (teaching) in to career/life coaching and I want to post an update.

    I left my day job Feb 11th and am approaching, but still some way off, making a living wage for my city almost 4 months later. My first paying client was an lfgss member looking to improve their job satisfaction and my most recent client is a local start up CEO looking to experiment with coaching to improve their company. Working as self-employed for the first time has been just so awesome.. I've never enjoyed that kind of flexibility at work as a teacher or as a bar manager (always working xmas day and NYE).

    The space to explore this business/sector has been huge but my current challenge is whether or not to pick up some regular work on the side to sustain myself while I build up my experience and client base to a point where it can be sustainable/financially viable.

    If anyone's curious about anything coaching or wants to chat, send me a message here or check out my website . Be great to hear what other people are up to, the last year has no doubt been catalytic in some ways.