• why would the UK imagine we could force our laws onto a legal entity of another country with no business links to the UK and not falling under the jurisdiction of the UK? The UK gets to impose it's laws only on itself (people and businesses based in the UK) surely.

    Isn't that how the GDPR stuff works as well? As soon as a EU citizen's data is involved the law considers itself to take effect?

  • The Eu is a regulatory super-power, the UK isn’t. US companies will comply with GDPR, they’ll choose whether it’s convenient to apply UK regulation or (more likely) say “we comply with GDPR so this isn’t relevant”.

  • Absolutely. I was merely pointing at the logic of the legal mechanism ... Not saying it will/would/should work or condoning one or the other.

  • Suspect that Mumsnet will cope. It's the small niche and community forums that may suffer or collapse under the weight of the requirements.

    That said, running a club or a community group is a complex . business .


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