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  • Mongar is the equivalent to the hubba/jaran I think., star river is a copper spur, and the cloud up is a fly creek IIRC.

  • Thanks, looking at them in more detail now.

    Does anyone have an opinion/experience of whether 15D is fit for purpose? The Naturehike website claims the following which seems to be more 'waterproof' than MSR of Alpkit, but I assume it's not officially verified or that simple.
    Tent fly: 15D Nylon(3500mm waterproof index)

  • cloud up 3 is the obvious choice, altho the single entrance/exit might annoy some
    the mongar 3 is slightly cheaper, two doors, for 40% more weight
    as always buy through aliexpress with confidence and read the buyer's reviews

    15D is absolutely fine, too thin for a groundsheet obviously but great for tent/tarp walls/roofs

  • Does anyone have an opinion/experience of whether 15D is fit for purpose?

    Hilleberg, Lightwave and Mountain Laural Designs all advise against going less than 20D for longevity and strength. Here is a quote from Lightwave:
    " At Lightwave, we are reluctant to go into the ultralight fabrics now in vogue as these have a poor longevity thanks to UV-degradation. The 20 denier flysheet used in our raid tents are as light as we are prepared to go. Depending on the amount of use, you may get 5-10 years usage. (Flysheets made from 15 or even 10 denier yarns will have a short life, representing not only a poor return on the money spent, but are also more irresponsible in environmental terms as you would be replacing these far more often. They do not make good ground-fill.)"

    A similar view is expressed by MLD here on their Pro Silnylon (20D and 30D) versus 7d-15d SilPoly or SilNylons:­-mojo


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