• Looks very much like bent forks tbh. Take the wheel out and check to see if the wheel is dished like you suggest, as it might be although unlikely... but it looks like the forks have caused it to be at an angle

  • i suspected the fork, if it was bent than it would skew in a single direction, regardless of which way i put the wheel in.

    but having flipped the wheel, in the photos above it moves from ones side to the other when looking at the center tread in relation to the mudguard hole, accounting for my shaky camera work (top one the wheel is forward facing in the dropouts, bottom one the wheel is rearward facing in the dropouts)

    i've not got a truing stand to check the wheel unfortunately, but i thought this was a relatively controlled experiment to debunk the fork.

    i guess my main question is has anyone seen something like this before? one would assume it came from the builder like this to be so uniformly out of line, unsual for wear to cause this inside 200 miles

    would it be a case of re truing it vs rebuilding?

    either way something is going to the shop.


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